Inspirational Quote

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.


I’m so happy that you took time out of your day to join me.

My hope in creating this site is to give people a place to go when they feel they need answers or just tell them they matter. We are all connected.  I love each and every one of you.

I have dedicated my life to teaching and helping others on their life journey.  I have even helped those on the next level.

My hope is to bring joy and love into your hearts.  I want to help you reconnect to the magic and beauty life has to offer.

It is simply remembering who and what you choose to be.


With love,



“When Adrienne did the reading to me it meant so much to me. My life is so much better. She is a good friend. If any one is down they need to talk to her. The reading helped me out so much. Now look at me. I am doing so good thank you so much Adrienne.”

~ Jeremy Jones

“Her gift is amazing. My older brother who passed away late May 2011, came through from the other side for the first time. It was great to hear from him and how much he loved me and always will. Adrienne has a way of tuning into the spirit world with an amazing awareness. And as my brother said ‘you're never alone.’”

~ Bud Lemire Escanaba, Michigan

“Hi Adrienne you have been a huge help to me when I've been down, or stuck in a rut.  You picked me up when I had fallen.  You helped show me my path.  But I new only I could take it.  Most of all you have been a great friend.  I wish all mediums were like you.  I don't think you'll ever forget where you came from, or where you're goin, because you have too much love in your heart for the next soul to heal.”

~ BigScott

“Adrienne is a compassionate, talented healer.  She is respectful of the boundaries of others and provides clear and meaningful messages.  Her work with me was a great source of comfort in processing my grief related to the lost of my loved one.  A caring soul with a special gift and a fabulous personality.”

~ Amy Cavanaugh

“Adrienne is a wonderful, sweet-loving and beautiful being who is slowly discovering her true Will and Essence each new Dawn. A spiritual healer with fruitful intentions of curing Oneself and All with her love, compassion, strength and morality. May the Cosmic Blessings be upon Thee en Route to Light <3”

~ Sanity Obscure Josh

“Adrienne Iverson-Murphy is profoundly insightful and genuine.  Adrienne has an amazing gift and is generous in sharing this.  She is warm, kind and has a gentle heart.  Adrienne is exceptional in her abilities and offers gentle guidance with accuracy, beyond what one might believe possible.  I am honoured to have had the opportunity to connect with Adrienne, and would encourage a healing session with Adrienne.”

~ Jenni Jinkerson

“Adrienne is an incredibly gifted healer and medium. It's rare to find a medium with so much heart and soul, Adrienne has an incredible amount of both. Adrienne speaks the truth from loved ones who have crossed over and helps grieving and struggling families gather strength to carry on. Her passion for helping others during difficult times shines through with each message she presents.”

~ Jennifer Merritt, healing artist

“Adrienne is truly one amazing individual. Her zest for life in conjunction with her beautiful heart and uplifting spirit make her one of a kind. I have known Adrienne for over 25 years, having played together as children. We were reconnected as adults, not by chance, but through divine intervention. Adrienne is blessed with the gift of healing; she can bring the saddest of hearts to a place of love, understanding, peace, and comfort. Adrienne’s gift comes from a place of light and love and the power she holds within her is nothing short of amazing. Adrienne is a genuine, sincere and compassionate soul; her beauty and her light radiate as she lovingly imprints every soul she encounters. I am blessed to call her my friend.”

~ Brandi Liles